What It Means To Be

by Belle Noire

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    releases 15 July 2016

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What It Means To Be (feat. Rob Verosko)
Who We Really Are (feat. Dryw Owens)


releases July 15, 2016



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Belle Noire San Jose, California

Reverb/ Rock Quintet from San Jose Ca
Est. 2012

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Track Name: Green
Am I a figment of exactly who you thought that I should be
I only hope I didnt steer you wrong and let you down
exactly like the ones who've came before
Vicariously we live

With the Dawning of the days we lear with every breath weve been so fortunate to take
That these days press on, and so will I
as I attempt to regain
any use of these, old and tired bones

If I could bring you back, to show you what it means when I say
That in good time
You'll see it all first hand that we've all lied, but we're alive
and then you'll figure out the company you keep is full of thieves
and youre the accomplice now

We've all sold out on our ideals to the highest bidder
We've placed a price on something as precious as time and
We're caught in the wake of it all

But you went through it all in vein
Just to throw it all away
You threw it all away
Track Name: Infinite Youth
From the minute you arrived you came and turned my world
Into a beacon of light, and you harnessed all your energies
and you wasted them all on me, and now its time

To show more action and be sincere
you'll finally listen when its all you hear
Raise your standards and forget your needs,
and focus inward on what is relevant

Time flies when you're in motion
This time we're stuck on the notion

That youth is infinite

These city walls will never be enough to hold me
and when I finally arrive and I can't find
any reason left to stay.