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by Belle Noire

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released September 15, 2012



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Belle Noire San Jose, California

Reverb/ Rock Quintet from San Jose Ca
Est. 2012

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Track Name: Steadfast
We sit at separate ends of this dim lit hallway
Only separated by these paper thin walls
Though we might as well, be miles apart in different times
Drawn together by these grim circumstances

Your mind it changes with the tide
From port to starboard side
All hail the marauder
To finally hear her cries
But her weeping has gone unnoticed
And I feel invisible, now that I have no home when
These waters are my bride.

You know not of your potential
Just how to lie, So quick to fall
Into complacency, and for what kind of life
Just selling yourself short,
And you know not of your self-worth
Resentment, resentment that all your biggest fears have come to light.


Steadfast we stand on our two feet again
Steadfast in hopes of reaching dry land
Steadfast our shoulders strong
So we can carry all the weight of the world,
As if you've tried.
Track Name: Lo and Behold
The tide will rise
and wash us all away from here
Erasing us like the disease we are
Right now the sounds have grown too loud
To comprehend and take home something from this
So far away, to this place I feel at home,
Though I recall this perspective
What do we ask for, A perceptions change
And why would I relieve you of your innocence

We're going down, We're going down. And who'd have known.
The punishment would outweigh our crimes.

Where has your pride finally led you
Ego's growing
To seize you into the throne,
To cast you out, out of stone.
As you climb your tower that only blood could bestow upon you

But lo and behold your alibis, you made
have only disappointed us
And its become a classic case of the blind leading the blind,
leading all of us.

We are worth more than the burdens we've carried for so long
On the heels of our callused feet, and we can over come if we
all stand up.

We can only speak for our selves when we say
that were ashamed of the low we're sinking to
When the past is all we can draw influence from.
Track Name: The Bitter End
Will you believe me when I say
That nothing stays the same

After all of this is settled down, I want to know where I stand
Like the leaves of fall I watched your colors change.
And when in this did I, Lose my sense of pride.
Accumulate the days, To wash this all away.

You clever use of rhetoric, has led me to believe that this will end
You torch will then be passed, so the next can follow
The trail of ash from the bridges you've burned.

And we know where this ends, The chapter has been set and closed.
And the pages binded, though somehow I wish we were intertwined.

If this is meant to be, than I welcome you to my bitter end.
Where it finally dawned on me, that its my destiny
to be the first of a dying breed.

The consequence of wasting time has finally caught us
Onward we press, as our lives unfold into when we are/become.
Track Name: To See You Through...
If this is movement, then why do I feel stationary
and its hard to remember why, I forced myself to try
The cause is lost if its not your own
As we fall in line for our separate turns to die here.

I offered you all I had and I walked away empty handed
You were always so damned self-righteous
You were always so self-righteous, in denial.

Now, is this what you thought you were capturing
just a moment in time.
Stop the fleeting of our weary minds
Before it's all just slipped away.