What It Means To Be

by Belle Noire

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released July 15, 2016



all rights reserved


Belle Noire San Jose, California

Reverb/ Rock Quintet from San Jose Ca
Est. 2012

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Track Name: Regret
Is it too late to make up for the time we've thrown away
Though we should be the last to preach of decay

When we're all thats left of here, How quickly we've disappeared
Oh will we just find a way, to satisfy their greedy minds and owe
No explanation for the way things have come apart
and all the while, you've grasped the opportunity to pull the rug
from beneath our feet

For the one who's so prepared, was caught just like a Deer in the headlights
As the lies they grow in size, you finally realize there's nowhere to run to
And every bridge youve burned, were the only way that lead you straight to home

Ive seen it before, an now you've done it again
and I can't seem to be the one to break the mold and pull away
It kills me to say that if I only had stayed, maybe you would not have turned out so damn wrong.
Track Name: Sleep
If only I could find a quiet place to take you
While your hand so firmly in mine
Shaken by the moves now we become so confused
eventually all that you know will fall away

So stay awake and dont let go
We're scared of all the weight of the unknown
So hide your eyes and stay a while
Before long your welcome has been worn

She will be the death of me and all I've known
And all the while shes guided me back home
Take all the lies and take all the fears
Sleep this one off now for me

And this is where find ourselves pretending were alright
a brief exchange of passing glances is all ill ever need
And you come to find, that we can never truly align
And weve carried on, but we'll never regain our time

You've made this bed
Now won't you finally lay in it
Track Name: Steadfast
Please take me home and Separate me
From all these needy hands, and all of their Demands

We sit at separate ends of this Dim lit hallway
Only separated by these paper thin walls
and though we might as well be miles apart in different times
drawn together by these grim circumstances

Your mind it changes with the tide
From port to starboard side
All hail the martyr to finally hear her cry
The weeping has gone unnoticed
and i feel invisible in that I have no home when
These waters are my bride

You know not of your potential, just how to lie
So quick to fall into complacency and for what kind of life
just selling yourself short, and you know not of your self worth
resentment resentment that all your biggest fears have come to light

Steadfast we stand on our two feet again
Steadfast in hopes of reaching dry land
Steadfast our shoulders strong
So we can carry all the weight of the world as if youve tried.
Track Name: What It Means To Be (feat. Rob Verosko)
Ive heard this calling before and I could barely see
What lies awaiting in the eyes of the one who calls me home

But when's change coming, improvement so to speak
when all i know is these Ideas have failed us all before

And I wont bare witness to this, this planned unconsciousness
if I leave you all out here, Ill leave with dignity

All that Want for us is to lay inside and dream for a while
To share something more than just the common fleeting of our younger days
We sit and think about, reminiscing
Only to find these words you've placed so carefully
They lead me back to you

Is everything you are
Everything you want to be
The only option I can give you is to always come home.
Track Name: Who We Really Are (feat. Dryw Owens)
If silence is golden then why cant i see the way I hear
And all that we know is that perception is key
to be who you've always set yourself out to be
and no explanation for your sudden need to feel alive

Because Im running out of alibis
and Im running out of lies to hold on to
we have all these roads, and nowhere to go to hide from
The truth of who we really are

Im awake, and the clarity is hard to take
And I cant help but think about what you just might be thinking now
and your worried state of mind, when everyone youve known is intertwined
your sunny days have gone away into the middle of the night

If prides a virtue then Ill never change a thing
Im just so stuck in my ways, Ill never learn to live again
Track Name: Fade
Fade into the floor you'll never stand out among the ones
Who'll call you out to anywhere they stand for the sake of being next to you
You being light and vibrance to a world thats, dimmed for so long

This is the symptom of all we've come to know
A little part of you dies so you can grow

Dependent on whomever is most convenient and free at the drop of a dime
But the confidence wanes at every failed attempt Ive made for you to stay
and Who's to know if I paint this picture on and move along
Into the next one you find to have a face you deem worth saving now

So I stir and I pace, and I can't shake the feeling, that I'm all i have left to blame
If all this is a myth, why do we strive so hard for it
When failure is imminent.
Track Name: Everything
Is everything exactly how you pictured it would be
So carefully I've chosen to remain the one who always takes the safest way home in hopes that i would find you there
and I'm planted so firmly on the ground
and I realize my ship set sail so long ago
She wont be coming home

Just when you think you have it all so figured out I swear youre wrong
and I can only hope you learn to forgive half as much as you place the blame and one day you wont have to beat yourself up for years long past

I wanted more

I wanted more for you
More than I wanted anything.
Track Name: Green
Am I a figment of exactly who you thought that I should be
I only hope I didnt steer you wrong and let you down
exactly like the ones who've came before
Vicariously we live

With the Dawning of the days we lear with every breath weve been so fortunate to take
That these days press on, and so will I
as I attempt to regain
any use of these, old and tired bones

If I could bring you back, to show you what it means when I say
That in good time
You'll see it all first hand that we've all lied, but we're alive
and then you'll figure out the company you keep is full of thieves
and youre the accomplice now

We've all sold out on our ideals to the highest bidder
We've placed a price on something as precious as time and
We're caught in the wake of it all

But you went through it all in vein
Just to throw it all away
You threw it all away
Track Name: Infinite Youth
From the minute you arrived you came and turned my world
Into a beacon of light, and you harnessed all your energies
and you wasted them all on me, and now its time

To show more action and be sincere
you'll finally listen when its all you hear
Raise your standards and forget your needs,
and focus inward on what is relevant

Time flies when you're in motion
This time we're stuck on the notion

That youth is infinite

These city walls will never be enough to hold me
and when I finally arrive and I can't find
any reason left to stay.